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F1Tenth Korea Delegation Visited UPenn CoE

F1Tenth Korea Delegation Visited UPenn CoE

The F1Tenth Global Camp was supported by LINC 3.0, a South Korean government project. LINC 3.0 is a university support project involving 76 universities in South Korea. In 2023, eight of these universities participated in the F1Tenth autonomous driving education and competition program, and the Global Camp at the University of Pennsylvania was attended by 17 undergraduate and graduate students from four universities. 

For the 2024 F1Tenth Global Camp at Penn, four professors from 4 Korean universities were presented with students: Prof. Changjun Seo from Inje University, Prof.Yeongkwon Choe from Kangwon University,  Prof. Duckki Lee Yonam Institute of Technology,  and Prof. Jin Hyun Kim from Gyeongsang National University (GNU). 

Dr. Changjun Seo is a professor in the Department of Electronic, Telecommunications, Mechanical, and Automotive Engineering at Inje University. He said:  “This camp allowed students to effectively learn advanced technologies that can be used in the F1tenth autonomous driving race through theory and practical training. As a participating professor, I was able to experience a good example of how F1tenth autonomous driving training is conducted, and our Inje University has paved the way for the launch of a global educational cooperation program with UPENN, a world-class university. I would like to thank the professor for providing a well-structured training program with substantial and informative content and the TAs for their sincere and kind guidance.” 

Dr. Yeongkwon Choe, a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering, is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Mechatronics Engineering at Kangwon National University. His research interests include the database-referenced navigation system, SLAM, and nonlinear Bayesian filtering algorithms.  He said, “This program covers the overall topics of F1TENTH with the support of professional TAs and a solid curriculum. Students from Kangwon National University (KNU) who participated in this program were able to gain practical knowledge and broader insights into various topics. For the participating faculty, the excellent education program from UPenn served as a valuable reference in establishing KNU’s own program.”

Dr. Duckki Lee is the Dean of the Department of Software Engineering and the Chair of the Smart Software Department at Yonam Institute of Technology.  He had this to say about the Global Camp: Through our participation in this prestigious global camp, students from our institute had the unique chance to immerse themselves in both theoretical and practical aspects of F1 tenth-scale autonomous driving, a field in which Upenn is a globally recognized leader. My involvement as a professor in this program was extraordinarily enriching, providing me with invaluable insights into teaching methodologies for F1 tenth-scale autonomous driving technology and fostering innovation among students. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Professor Rahul for his visionary leadership in creating such a remarkable global camp and to the teaching assistants whose dedication and enthusiasm were pivotal in its successful execution.

Dr. Jin Hyun Kim is a former postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania and is currently an associate professor at Gyeongsang National University (GNU). He is in charge of the F1Tenth Korea program and this global camp. He is currently working with Prof. Rahul to establish the F1Tenth Korea Foundation. Commenting on the global camp, Dr. Kim said, “The Korea F1Tenth education/competition program consists of a boot camp for beginners, technology exchange workshops, F1Tenth Korea Championship, and a global camp, designed to help students acquire basic to advanced skills in autonomous driving based on the F1Tenth platform over the course of a year. The Global Camp, held at the University of Pennsylvania, was the final stage of the education and competition program, allowing students to gain a deeper understanding, experience, and insight into autonomous driving. We look forward to working closely with the University of Pennsylvania and xLab to continue this program in the future.