Latest News / April ‘23 / Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) joined the Autoware Foundation!

University of Pennsylvania

Perception, planning and control for safe autonomous systems

Building the tools and theoretical foundations necessary to scale the design and balance performance and safety of safe-autonomous systems.

Rahul Mangharam

University of Pennsylvania

Center of Excellence Director

Ongoing Research

  • Game-theoretic Motion Planning in Objective Space
  • Arithmetical Graph Embeddings
  • Real-to-Sim-to-Real Transfer via Gradient-free Optimization

Selected Publications

  • TUNERCAR: A Superoptimization Toolchain for Autonomous Racing, ICRA 2020
  • Formulazero: Distributionally robust online adaptation via offline population synthesis, ICML 2020
  • Combinatorial and Parametric Gradient-Free Optimization for Cyber-Physical System Design, ICCPS 2022, DESTION
  • Autonomous vehicles on the edge: A survey on autonomous vehicle racing, IEEE OJ-ITS, 2022