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Autoware Open AD Kit

The Autoware defined Open AD Kit brings the best practices of Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) development to the Autoware ecosystem.

The Open AD Kit promises to accelerate the development of optimized hardware and software solutions for autonomous driving.

The First SOAFEE Blueprint

The Autoware Foundation is a voting member of the SOAFEE (Scalable Open Architecture For the Embedded Edge) initiative, as the Autoware Open AD Kit is the first SOAFEE blueprint for the software defined vehicle ecosystem.

SOAFEE | Software architecture with cloud/edge parity of containerized automotive applications.
Autoware | Full-stack source software for autonomous driving applications.

Tested on various hardware platforms

Autoware Open AD Kit is tested on various hardware platforms including ADLINK’s AVA Platform, Autocore’s PCU, NVIDIA’s Jetson Orin family, and NXP’s Bluebox III.

AVA Platform


Jetson AGX

Bluebox III

Cloud Native Development

Automotive software and application development with cloud-native approach, allowing software to be developed, tested and validated on the cloud and pushed globally with automated workflows, and hence maintaining development agility.

Built with and built for

eSync Alliance and MIH Alliance are important stakeholders in the Autoware Open AD Kit ecosystem. Built on top of the SOAFEE architecture, eSync Alliance technology enables Over-the-Air capability, while MIH alliance leverages Open AD Kit for their ADAS and AD use cases.

Specifications for Over the Air data pipeline to reach all edge devices in vehicle

Open specifications for integration and verificartion of automotive functions in EVs

Connected and continuously improved

From data collection, calibration, and map annotation to machine learning operations, open-source simulation and system validation, the Open AD Kit initiative envisions an always connected, complete autonomous driving development and deployment platform.


The Open AD Kit is a SOAFEE Blueprint for autonomous driving. Being built on an open and scalable architecture, the Open AD Kit offers excellent integration flexibility for go-to-market opportunities.


Get Started

Visit the Open AD Kit Quick Start Guide, for information about the Open AD Kit development environment and step-by-step software and hardware setup.