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The Autoware Foundation welcomed 10 new members!

The Autoware Foundation welcomed 10 new members!

The Autoware Foundation (AWF), the open alliance for autonomous driving technology, welcomed 9 companies, Aisan Technology, Brison, Canoo, Hesai Technology, Hitachi, Leishen Intelligent system, Mandli Communications, Macnica and NEXTY Electronics, as Industry & Government members, and EPAN Research Group at the University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard (UTBM) as Academic & Non-profit members, to have newly joined the Foundation. The Autoware Foundation also announced that eSol has updated its membership from Industry & Government to Premium members.


The Autoware Foundation welcomed 10 new members!

“We are excited to share the momentum of Autoware projects with the new members. This is indeed an epoch-making alliance. We hope the Autoware Foundation will keep growing with those who love open source.” said Shinpei Kato, Board of Directors of the Autoware Foundation.

Pursuing the mission to support open-source projects enabling self-driving mobility, the Autoware Foundation was jointly initiated by Apex.AI, Inc., Linaro/96Boards, and Tier IV, Inc., on Dec. 11, 2018. With ten new members announced today, the number of the Autoware Foundation member companies has increased to 31 in just five month. The member companies actively collaborate on the three open source projects Autoware.AI, Autoware.Auto, and Autoware.IO.

”We are proud to be promoted to a Premium Autoware Foundation member. This will enable us to join the Technical Steering Committee of AWF, to get directly involved in the technical strategies, and also accelerates our collaboration with other AWF member companies. This will further strengthen our leadership in providing our safety-critical and scalable RTOS eMCOS to enable Autoware to support heterogeneous many-core computing.”

Masaki Gondo, CTO and Vice President, eSOL

“We are excited to join The Autoware Foundation. We have supplied “ADASMap for Autoware”  for many projects since 2015, and have supported the spread of Autoware. We look forward to collaborating with foundation members over an Autoware!”

Naoto Sato, Director, AISAN TECHNOLOGY

“Based on our experience with in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) development, we are committed to contribute to the creation and growth of in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) areas through Autoware by participating in the Autoware Foundation.”

Shiro Hashimitsu, President, Brison

“Canoo believes that autonomous driving isn’t a matter of if, but when. Our strategy is to partner with leaders in their field, ensuring that our ‘autonomous ready’ electric vehicles provide Canoo subscribers with the latest self-driving innovations. AWF represents a perfect opportunity to network with some of the industry leaders so together, we can develop the future.”

Stefan Krause, In Charge, Canoo

We are honored to join the Autoware Foundation. As an open source platform, Autoware brings together a number of excellent hardware and software companies in the autonomous driving industry, gathering valuable experience and insight into the research and development of key technologies. Hesai has been committed to developing innovative LiDAR products that equip self-driving vehicles. Together with Autoware members, we are confident to boost mutual growth and accelerate the progress to an autonomous-driving future.”

Yifan “David” Li, Founder and CEO, Hesai Technology

We are thrilled to join the Autoware Foundation. Through the activities, we are looking forward to discussing and cooperating with the related members for the future open mobility platform.”

Shiro Yamaoka, Department Manager, Control Platform Research Department, Hitachi

Leishen Intelligent System is pleased to be part of Autoware Foundation. Autoware is widely recognized and well received in the industry for its great innovations to the self-driving technology and robotic technology. It is a great pleasure to offer our LIDAR software and algorithms based on the success of Autoware, to support its developers as a joint effort to accelerate technological development and contribution to the early realization of global deployment of self-driving vehicles.”

Bernie Hu, CEO, Leishen Intelligent System

Since being introduced to the Autoware Foundation, we have come to recognize the passion, drive, and amazing capabilities of those involved. We feel honored to be a part of the effort to make autonomous driving technology easily available through the combined efforts of the Foundation and its members. Mandli Communications, Inc. currently supports the existing Autoware map format. We are very excited to contribute technology and expertise to help push Autoware maps into the next generation – as well as make it as quick and easy as possible to acquire Autoware-compliant maps!”

Eric Nutt, CTO, Mandli Communications

“MACNICA is very thrilled to be a part of the Autoware Foundation and to work with the members of this foundation. Through the collaboration with the members who are bringing strong leaderships in autonomous driving technologies, we are looking forward to making a contribution to the society and autonomous driving solutions and services together.”

Kazumasa Hara, Director, Member of the Board, Macnica, Inc

We are very excited to join the Autoware Foundation. NEXTY Electronics develops in-vehicle ECU software and promotes Model-Based Development. We hope that the Foundation’s efforts will lead to an improvement in the development efficiency of automated driving systems. We will contribute to the growth of the open source community.”

Noriyuki Ota, Senior Engineer, NEXTY Electronics

“We are very excited to be joining the Autoware Foundation as an academic member. UTBM has a large background related to  automotive and its industry and is ambitious about its future. We hope to share with the Autoware community our researches and experience in various fields of autonomous driving, and cooperate with the community to meet the opportunities and challenges brought by the new era of intelligent mobility.”

Ghislain Montavon, Director of UTBM.

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