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SBG Systems joins the Autoware Foundation

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SBG Systems joins the Autoware Foundation

France-based SBG Systems, a leading global provider of advanced inertial navigation solutions, and post processing software, has joined the Autoware Foundation.

With its extensive experience in sensor fusion and precise navigation, SBG Systems aims to enhance Autoware’s capabilities and contribute to the development of safer, more efficient, and cost-effective autonomous driving solutions. The collaboration between SBG Systems and the Autoware Foundation will facilitate the integration of SBG’s sensors and software with Autoware’s platform, providing the autonomous vehicle community with enhanced tools and resources.

The Autoware Foundation welcomes SBG Systems as a valuable addition to its ecosystem of industry-leading companies, research institutions, and developers. Together, we aim to address the complex challenges of autonomous driving by fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation.

“We are thrilled to become a member of the Autoware Foundation,” said Laurent Le Thuaut, Business Development Manager at SBG Systems. “This partnership represents a significant step in our mission to advance the field of autonomous vehicles. These technologies play a pivotal role in enabling accurate and reliable navigation, positioning, and orientation for autonomous vehicles as well as supporting the creation of HD-Maps. By working closely with Autoware and its community of developers, we look forward to accelerating the development of open-source solutions that can drive the industry forward.”

SBG Systems’ cutting-edge MEMS sensor solutions, including inertial navigation systems (INS) and post-processing software (PPK), have been widely adopted in various industries, including automotive, robotics, airborne and marine applications.