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JD Logistics joins the Autoware Foundation

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JD Logistics joins the Autoware Foundation

Autonomous delivery pioneer JD Logistics has joined the Autoware Foundation.

JD Logistics recently announced that they partnered with, a founding member of the Autoware Foundation.

JD Logistics stated that this partnership marks an important step for JD Logistics in creating a technology ecosystem that brings together automotive parts suppliers and autonomous driving partners. JD Logistics applied to join the Autoware Foundation and is willing to join forces to build a new logistics ODD community.

Autoware Foundation will work with JD Logistics in ODD scenarios and use case definitions, architecture discussions, mapping-related tools, simulation platforms (scenario simulation and AWSIM), and overall system optimization for high-performance heterogeneous hardware platforms.

Since 2016, JD Logistics has been at the forefront of autonomous delivery vehicle research and development, now unveiling our fifth-generation model. Adapting to the unique characteristics of various cities, JD Logistics continues to seek diverse business opportunities, providing services that extend beyond community and commercial district deliveries, such as our seamless integration with supermarket systems like 7FRESH, facilitating unmanned, instant delivery of supermarket orders.

Currently, JD Logistics operates more than 600 autonomous delivery vehicles across 30 cities nationwide. In partnership with JD couriers, we’ve formed ‘human-machine synergy’ to provide consumers with speedy and efficient “last-mile” delivery services. Our latest fifth-generation intelligent delivery vehicle boasts a cargo volume of 1.1 cubic meters, a maximum load capacity of 200 kilograms, and a modular design that accommodates various combinations of compartments to meet the loading requirements of different business scenarios. With a full charge, it can cover 100 kilometers and utilizes ten core technologies, including high-precision positioning, sensory fusion, behavior prediction, simulation, and intelligent networking, achieving Level-4 autonomous driving. The vehicle also features remote start-stop and monitoring functions, allowing real-time tracking of vehicle status and timely intervention when necessary, significantly enhancing safety and efficiency. Moreover, integrating advanced radar technology, AI algorithms, and big data has optimized its ability to detect even low-lying obstacles.

In the field of unmanned delivery, JD Logistics leads with the longest running time and the broadest coverage area. From a scenario application perspective, we have integrated short-haul modes into end-point deliveries, allowing vehicles to transport goods to couriers in distant areas without unnecessary round trips. In high-density delivery zones, packages are relayed to couriers for doorstep delivery, improving efficiency and income potential for our partners. Various compartment designs can be changed instantly according to different scenarios.

Leveraging human-machine synergy, the delivery efficiency of individual JD couriers has been greatly enhanced, enabling them to handle surges in delivery demands while also boosting their earnings. In addition to outdoor delivery scenarios, JD Logistics has also innovatively developed indoor delivery robots, creating a new experience for “last 100-meter” delivery within buildings. These robots, equipped to carry up to 30 kilograms and featuring flexible compartment designs, employ Level-4 autonomous technology to cater to a range of indoor delivery needs. Capable of operating continuously for over 8 hours on a full charge, these robots meet the delivery needs of express parcels, indoor and outdoor items, and takeout and is already in operation in shopping malls, office buildings, and other delivery environment. Now active in over ten cities across the country, with consistent operations in key commercial hubs in Beijing and Shanghai, our indoor robots not only elevate the user experience but also reduce building management expenses, advancing the technological sophistication of the building.

As the first Chinese company to integrate autonomous driving into real logistics scenarios, JD Logistics’ unmanned vehicles can be applied to eight major scenarios, including urban communities, business parks, office buildings, apartment residences, hotels, campuses, supermarkets, and stores, meeting the diverse needs of consumers. Looking ahead, JD Logistics is poised to collaborate with even more partners, leveraging technological advancements and diving deeper into end-point delivery exploration.  We are committed to propelling the unmanned delivery industry towards exceptional collaborative growth.