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Autoware Workshop IV2021

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Autoware Workshop IV2021

 Autoware Workshop IV2021

The 3rd workshop, Autoware, at the Intelligent Vehicles Symposium ( IV2021 ) ended. Thank you to all who attended and helped make IV2021 a great success!

The workshop took place online on Sunday, July 11, 2021,

22:00~6:00 JST, 6:00~14:00 PST, 15:00~23:00 CET in virtual mode.

Autoware Workshop IV2021 is a workshop aimed at developers of all levels, from student to professional, in the ROSCOn, PyCon, and BoostCon models. It will be a full-day program featuring technical talks and tutorials to introduce the state of Autoware, new algorithms, tools, and libraries, as well as demonstrations.

 Autoware Workshop IV2021 Proposal Submission

We are now accepting proposals for presentations at the workshop. Most certainly, presentations on all topics related to Autoware are welcome, e.g., introducing the participants to an Autoware package or a library or application, investigating the use of tools, etc. The program committee will examine the proposals, which assesses their suitability, influence, and balance.​

Women, members of minority groups, and members of other under-represented groups are encouraged to submit presentation proposals for Autoware Workshop IV2021.

Proposals will be reviewed by a program committee evaluating fit, impact, and balance. We cannot offer presentations that are not proposed!

If there is a topic on which you would like to present, please propose it. However, if you have an idea for an important topic that you do not want to present yourself, please post it for discussion at Autoware Discourse or Slack.

 Autoware Workshop IV2021  Agenda

  • Welcome – 15mins per talk + 5mins Q&A​

  • 6:00 PST | 15:00 CET | 22:00 JST
    • Welcome address
      Shinpei Kato (Representative Board of Directors, The Autoware Foundation)
  • 6:20 PST | 15:20 CET | 22:20 JST
    • Recap and achievements of the Autoware Foundation in the last year
      Christian John (SPC Vice Chair, The Autoware Foundation)
  • 6:40 PST | 15:40 CET | 22:40 JST
    • Overview of the Autoware Foundation technical work
      Josh Whitley, Bonolo Mathibela (The Autoware Foundation)
  • Invited Talks – 15mins per talk + 5mins Q&A

  • 7:00 PST | 16:00 CET | 23:00 JST
    • Building Safe Complex Systems
      Nicholas McGuire, Carsten Emde (OSADL)
  • 7:20 PST | 16:20 CET | 23:20 JST
    • Autoware-based EV Kit
      William Wei (Foxconn MIH)
  • 7:40 PST | 16:40 CET | 23:40 JST
    • Autoware Foundation Open AD Kit
      Girish Shirasat (ARM)
  • Panel Discussion moderated by Christian John (SPC Vice Chair, The Autoware Foundation)

  • 8:00 PST | 17:00 CET | 0:00 JST (30mins)
    • Panel Discussion – Open AD Kit and MIH
      AWF Board of Directors, William Wei (Foxconn MIH)
  • 8:30 PST | 17:30 CET | 0:30 JST (15mins)
    • Break
  • ​IV2021 workshop papers – 12mins per talk + 3mins Q&A

  • 8:45 PST | 17:45 CET | 0:45 JST
    • Vehicle Dynamics System Identification using Simulation-Based Inference
      A. Boyali, S. Thompson, D. R. Wong (Tier IV, Inc.)
  • 9:00 PST | 18:00 CET | 1:00 JST
    • OpenPlanner 2.0: The Portable Open Source Planner for Autonomous Driving Applications
      H. Darweesh, E. Takeuchi, K. Takeda (Nagoya University)
  • 9:15 PST | 18:15 CET | 1:15 JST
    • Eagleye: A Lane-Level Localization Using Low-Cost GNSS/IMU
      A. Takanose, Y. Kitsukawa, J. Meguro, E. Takeuchi, A. Carballo, K. Takeda (Nagoya University)
  • 9:30 PST | 18:30 CET | 1:30 JST
    • Characterization of Multiple 3D LiDARs for Localization and Mapping Performance Using the NDT Algorithm
      A. Carballo, A. Monrroy Cano, D. R. Wong, P. Narksri, J. Lambert, Y. Kitsukawa, E. Takeuchi, S. Kato, K. Takeda (Nagoya University)
  • Student presentations – 12mins per talk + 3mins Q&A

  • 9:45 PST | 18:45 CET | 1:45 JST
    • HD Map-based Vehicle Localization
      Surachet Srinara (Prof. Kai-Wei’s lab., Dept. of Geomatics, National Cheng Kung University)
  • 10:00 PST | 19:00 CET | 2:00 JST
    • Bending the Curve of HD Maps Production for Autonomous Vehicle Applications: Taiwan’s Perspective
      Dr. Meng-Lun, Tsai, (Prof. Kai-Wei’s Lab, Dept. of Geomatics, National Cheng Kung University)
  • 10:15 PST | 19:15 CET | 2:15 JST
    • FTFNet: Real-Time Semantic Segmentation Based on Tiny Feature Maps
      Haoran Zhou (Lanzhou University)
  • 10:30 PST | 19:30 CET | 2:30 JST
    • Efficient Online Transfer Learning for 3D Object Classification in Autonomous Driving
      Rui Yang (University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard)
  • 10:45 PST | 19:45 CET | 2:45 JST
    • Break (15mins)
  • ​Ongoing AWF Activities – 15mins per talk + 5mins Q&A

  • 11:00 PST | 20:00 CET | 3:00 JST
    • ODD Working group activities for Cargo Delivery
      Hiroshi Igata (Tier IV, Inc.)
  • 11:20 PST | 20:20 CET | 3:20 JST
    • Race Car ODD
      Christian John (Tier IV, Inc.), Johannes Betz (F1TENTH)
  • 11:40 PST | 20:40 CET | 3:40 JST
    • scenario_simulator_v2 Scenario testing framework for Autoware
      Masaya Kataoka (Tier IV, Inc.)
  • Talks by AWF Industry members – 10mins per talk + 2mins Q&A, 10mins break in between

  • 12:00 PST | 21:00 CET | 4:00 JST ​​
    • Dr. Rahul Mangharam (F1Tenth)
    • Brent Shedd (Zing Robotics)
    • Bluet Lee (PIX Moving)
    • Accelerating the autonomous vehicle development for OEMs using Autoware – Samet Kütük (LeoDrive)
    • Vehicle Dynamics System Identification using Simulation-Based Inference
      Ali Boyali, Simon Thompson & David Robert Wong (Tier IV)
    • E2E simulation pipeline for autonomous vehicles development and testing
      Wojciech Jaworski & Adam Dąbrowski (
    • PolyVerif: An Autoware-enabled AV Open-Source Validation Framework
      Dr. Rahul Razdan and Mahesh Menase (Florida PolyTechnic University)
  • ​Closing

  • 13:50 PST | 22:50 CET | 5:50 JST (10mins)
    • Autoware Workshop closing address, Autoware workshop at IV2022Shinpei Kato (Representative Board of Directors, The Autoware Foundation)

 Autoware Workshop Topic Areas

All Autoware-related work is invited. Topics of interest include:

  • Best practices
  • New packages
  • Vehicle-specific development
  • Simulation
  • Safety and security
  • Embedded systems
  • Product development & commercialization
  • Research and education
  • Community organization and direction
  • Testing, quality, and documentation
  • Competitions and collaborations
  • Related open-source projects​

 Autoware Workshop Proposal Format

Contribution proposal:

  • Title
  • Presenter (name and affiliation)
  • Recommended duration: Short (~10 minutes), Medium (~20 minutes) or Long (~30 minutes)
  • Summary [maximum 100 words]: to be used in advertising the presentation
  • Description [maximum 1000 words]: outline, goals (what will the audience learn?), pointers  to packages to be discussed


Please be sure to include in your proposal enough information for the program committee to evaluate the importance and impact of your presentation. We strongly encourage you to provide links to publicly available resources, including code repositories and demonstration videos. Demonstrated community interest is helpful in evaluating proposals. A proposal that promises to make an open-source release in the future is difficult for the program committee to evaluate and less likely to be accepted.

 Autoware Workshop  Organizers


Shinpei Kato
University of Tokyo – TIER IV, Inc. – The Autoware Foundation

Alexander Carballo 
Nagayo University – TIER IV, Inc.

Christian John

Daisuke Tanaka
TIER IV, Inc. – The Autoware Foundation

David Wong

Josh Whitley 
The Autoware Foundation

Bobby Hambirck
The Autoware Foundation – Hexagon Autonomous Stuff