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Autoware Workshop IV2019

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Autoware Workshop IV2019

Autoware Workshop IV2019

IV 2019 will take place in Paris from June 9-12. 

We are now organizing a workshop, Autoware Workshop IV2019, on June 9.

Autoware Workshop IV2019 is a chance for Autoware developers of all levels, beginner to expert, to spend extraordinary days learning from and networking with the Autoware community. Get tips and tricks from experts and meet and share ideas with fellow developers.

The one-day program will include technical talks and tutorials introducing you to the Autoware projects and libraries. Most of the program will be 10-30 minute presentations (some may be longer or shorter).

 Autoware Workshop IV2019 Proposal Submission

Certainly, presentations on all topics related to Autoware are invited. Examples include introducing attendees to an Autoware package, library, or application, exploring how to use tools, etc.

Women, members of minority groups, and members of other under-represented groups are encouraged to submit presentation proposals for Autoware Workshop IV2019.

Proposals will be reviewed by a program committee evaluating fit, impact, and balance.

We cannot offer presentations that are not proposed! If there is a topic on which you would like to present, please propose it. If you have an idea for an important issue that you do not want to introduce yourself, firstly post it for discussion at Autoware Discourse or Slack.

 Autoware Workshop IV 2019  Agenda

  • 9:00-9:45 Welcome and Introduction to Autoware
    • Introduction to Autoware.AI, Shinpei Kato (Tier IV)
      Introduction to Autoware.Auto, Esteve Fernandez (Apex.AI)
      Introduction to ROS (Robot Operating System), Brian Gerkey (Open Robotics)
  •  9:45-10:30 Algorithms in Autoware 1
    • 3D perception in Autoware.Auto, Christopher Ho (Apex.AI)
      Computer Vision, Jabob Lambert (Nagoya University & Perception Engine)
      Coupling Autoware and Simcenter Prescan for virtual testing and verification of automated driving systems, Frank Rijks (Presales Solution Consultant, Siemens PLM Software)
  •  10:30-11:00 Coffee Break and Networking

  • 11:00-11:30 Algorithms in Autoware 2
    • Model-based Systems Engineering, Bernd Gassman and Frederik Pasch (Intel Germany)
      Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS), Bernd Gassman (Intel Germany)
  • 11:30-12:30 Building Applications with Autoware 1
    • Maps for Autonomous Parking, Angelo Mastroberardino, Punnu Phairatt, Brian Holt (Parkopedia)
    • Deploying Autoware on real-world vehicles, Efimia Panagiotaki (Software Engineer) – Antonis Skardasis (Lead Software Engineer) (StreetDrone)
    • Adopting Manycore as Autoware Accelerator, Stephane Strahm, Sr Product Marketing Mgr, (Kalray)
  • 12:30-13:15 Lunch and Networking

  • 13:15-14:00 Building Applications with Autoware 2
    • Lessons learned: Integration of Autoware at our demonstrator, Markus Schratter, Konstantin Lassnig, and Daniel Watzenig (Virtual Vehicle Research Center)
    • Evaluation of LiDAR Based Localization in Autoware Enabled Autonomous Vehicle, G. Ajay Kumar (DGIST), Jin-Hee Lee. (DGIST)
    • 3D Mapping for Autoware, Simon Thompson (TierIV)
  •  14:00-15:00 Simulation and Autoware 1
    • Gazebo, Brian Gerkey
    • CARLA: Open-source Simulator for Autonomous Driving Research, Nestor Subiron, Principal Engineer of CARLA at the Computer Vision Center (CVC)
    • Integration of Carla with Autoware, Frederik Pasch (Intel Germany)
  •  15:00-15:30 Coffee Break and Opportunity for Lightning Talks (15:15-15:30)

  • 15:30-16:00 Tools and Autoware
    • Preventing Execution Erosion at the Intelligent Edge, Maximilian Odendahl and Benjamin Goldschmidt (Silexica)
  • 16:00-16:30 How to get started with Autoware
    • Bring up Autoware. Auto from scratch on a computer, Esteve Fernandez (Apex.AI)
    • Bring up Autoware in a docker container in the cloud using DeepSky, Ignacio Alvarez (Intel)
  •  16:30-17:00 Panel: Autoware and its impact on autonomous driving
    • Shinpei Kato (TierIV), Dejan Pangercic /Esteve Fernandez (Apex.AI), Brian Gerkey (Open Robotics), Allison Thackston,
    • (TRI-AD), Maria Elli (Intel), Brian Holt(Parkopedia), Moderated by Jeff Ota (Intel)
  •  17:00 Feedback and Fin

Topic Areas

We welcome all Autoware-related work. Topics of interest include:

  • Best practices
  • New packages
  • Vehicle-specific development
  • Simulation
  • Safety and Security
  • Embedded systems
  • Product development & commercialization
  • Research and Education
  • Community organization and direction
  • Testing, quality, and documentation
  • Competitions and collaborations

Related open-source projects​

Proposal Format

Contribution proposal:

  • Title
  • Presenter (name and affiliation)
  • Recommended duration: Short (~10 minutes), Medium (~20 minutes) or Long (~30 minutes)
  • Summary [maximum 100 words]: to be used in advertising the presentation
  • Description [top 1000 words]: outline, goals (what will the audience learn?), pointers  to packages to be discussed


Please be sure to include in your proposal enough information for the program committee to evaluate the importance and impact of your presentation. We strongly encourage you to provide links to publicly available resources, for example, code repositories and demonstration videos.

Demonstrated community interest helps evaluate proposals. Most certainly, the program committee finds evaluating a proposal promising a future open-source release difficult. Accordingly, they are less likely to accept it.

 Autoware Workshop Lightning Talks

These are 2-3mins short, formless talks. 

If you want to give a lightning talk, here’s an overview of how it will work.

Firstly, In the morning through the morning break, we will provide a form for submitting your name and talk title for a lottery to select the day’s presenters. Secondly, the organizers will announce the lightning talk selection before lunch, and presenters should bring any slides they intend to present to the organizers during the lunch break. Presenters are not required to have slides; no specific format is mandated.

Moreover, standard portable formats such as PDFs are advisable to ensure compatibility with the organizer’s laptop. We accept videos but require editing to ensure they fit within the time limit and don’t rely on the video’s audio. Due to the time constraint, we recommend avoiding a live demo.

​For inspiration, click here:

 Autoware Workshop  Organizers


Shinpei Kato
The University of Tokyo – TIER IV Inc.

Jan Becker 
Apex AI, Inc –  Stanford University

Esteve Fernandez
Apex AI, Inc.

Jeff Ota

Ignacio Alvarez

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