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Fixposition joins the Autoware Foundation

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Fixposition joins the Autoware Foundation

Switzerland-based autonomous localization startup and precision global positioning solution provider Fixposition has joined the Autoware Foundation.

Fixposition stated that Fixposition shares the same beliefs of the autonomous future as the Autoware Foundation. Fixposition’s mission is to enable autonomy at scale by providing precise global positioning everywhere.

Fixposition’s strong presence in the autonomous mobile robots market will also help the Autoware Foundation widen its horizon and fortify its autonomous driving capabilities in a broader application range. 

Autoware Foundation will work with Fixposition on the localization stack component in the Autoware project. Fixposition brings their deep knowledge of localization technologies to recommend or contribute changes to the localization component in Autoware.

Autonomy is the key to producing more with fewer resources, getting more done with less energy consumption and releasing people from danger or monotonous work. Mass deployment of autonomy is only possible if the system is truly cost-competitive, reliable and efficient. It requires continuous technological innovation and collaboration among all stakeholders like in Autoware Foundation.”  Says Zhenzhong Su, CEO and Co-Founder of Fixposition.

Fixposition’s vision is, with its Vision, IMU and GNSS deep fusion technology, to deliver precise global position and orientation in both open field and GNSS/GPS disrupted areas like urban canyons, vineyards, under tree canopies and even indoors. Fixposition technology enables centimetre-accurate RTK GPS performance in previously inaccessible locations. This presents an opportunity for autonomous navigation developers to reduce costs and improve their localization stack using one solution for varying environments.