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Deepen AI joins the Autoware Foundation

Author: ADMIN
Deepen AI joins the Autoware Foundation

Deepen AI, one of the world’s renowned safety-first lifecycle tools and services company for ADAS and AD applications joined the Autoware Foundation!

Deepen AI and the WMG (an applied research and education department at the University of Warwick) are developing an open and transparent safety certification framework for L2+ advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and L4+ autonomous vehicle (AV) technology.

The framework will use the Safety Pool scenario database and open-source technologies to create quantifiable and credible universal safety scores for all operational design domains (ODDs). By working with the Autoware Foundation, Deepen AI and WMG aim to promote the sharing and collaboration of safety-critical open source tools and practices for Autoware, which will help to save lives and accelerate the adoption and deployment of autonomous systems.

Today, we’re announcing Deepen AI’s arrival at Autoware Foundation, and WMG’s processes are ongoing, where they will be joining as an academic institution member.

Deepen AI proposed to join virtually all Autoware technical working groups, some from the ODD standpoint, some from their toolchain (calibration/annotation) standpoint.