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Autoware Foundation Taiwan Chapter Opening Ceremony

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Autoware Foundation Taiwan Chapter Opening Ceremony

Autoware Foundation, the world’s largest open-source self-driving software organization, established its first overseas chapter in Taiwan with the collaboration of the Taiwan Telematics Industry Association (TTIA) on August 22nd. This collaboration elaborates a significant step towards advancing the autonomous driving industry in the regions. This partnership, initiated by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on February 16th, aims to support the Autoware Foundation’s endeavors in Taiwan. The cooperation spans various aspects, including the exchange of regulations, policies, and technology between Japan and Taiwan, establishing and operating the Autoware Foundation’s Taiwan chapter, membership qualifications and participation for both organizations’ industry association members, and collaborative development efforts.

The Autoware Foundation Taiwan chapter has been officially launched in Taiwan. Professor Chi-Sheng Shih from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Taiwan University will serve as its first Chapter Chair. The chapter is committed to connecting Taiwan’s autonomous driving industry value chain and has established three working groups: Open Data, Low-Speed Vehicle, and Smart Cockpit working groups. Notable industry players like Turing, KingWay, ADLINK, and MIH, alongside various organizations, have shown support.

Autoware Foundation, founded in December 2018, is a global non-profit organization that promotes the development and application of open-source autonomous driving software to realize the societal benefits of autonomous driving. It boasts a membership of over 60 entities, encompassing autonomous driving system companies, IT firms, research institutions, and alliance organizations.

Autoware Foundation Chairman and CEO of Tier IV, a Japanese autonomous driving company, Dr. Shinpei Kato, mentioned that Autoware provides an “integrated” open-source software solution for autonomous driving, encompassing all the necessary functionalities for autonomous driving. He noted Taiwan’s robust autonomous driving research capabilities and expressed their hope that the chapter could offer more practical services to autonomous driving companies.

Deputy Director-General of the Administration for Digital Industries, MODA, Ms. Pei-Te Hu, stated that Autoware is the world’s first “all-in-one” open-source software for autonomous driving technology. It enables developers worldwide to participate, contributing significantly to the autonomous driving technology ecosystem.

Mr. Meng-Fen Wu, Chairman of the Taiwan Telematics Industry Association, mentioned that countries worldwide are actively developing autonomous driving technology. The association aims to assist the chapter in accelerating technological innovation and industry development to enhance Taiwan’s autonomous driving industry ecosystem further.

Industrial Technology Research Institute, a non-profit organization, stated that autonomous driving systems developed on the Autoware platform have successfully facilitated shuttle services between the Zhu-Bei city area and the high-speed rail station. This achievement represents a significant milestone in commercialising intelligent transportation and public transit development.

Hubert, Chairman of Turing, mentioned that Turing is dedicated to developing platforms for low-speed autonomous utility vehicles. These vehicles have been operational in various settings, including golf courses, leisure parks, and harbors, aiming to provide customers with an enhanced riding experience.

Kingwayteck Technology stated that by combining their expertise in electronic mapping, autonomous navigation, and vehicle telematics, they actively collaborate with partners in various sectors to accelerate innovative public transportation operation models.

ADLINK Technology expressed its active engagement in autonomous driving and smart cockpit solutions. They have incorporated their 26 years of design experience from the IPC industry and ISO 26262 certification into rigorous design requirements for vehicle applications, enhancing automation and intelligence in driving.