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Autoware Centers of Excellence Updates November 2023

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Autoware Centers of Excellence Updates November 2023

Autoware Centers of Excellence Updates November 2023

Welcome back to the Autoware Centers of Excellence Updates. In November 2023, this is our second edition of the CoE newsletter.

Autoware Centers of Excellence are bustling with activity. Here are some of the highlights from last month.

The University of Macau joins the Autoware Centers of Excellence network!

We welcomed Prof. Cheng-Zong Xu from the University of Macau as a new addition to Autoware CoE directors. Dr. Xu’s research interests lie in parallel and distributed computing and cloud computing. He is a Chief Scientist of the Key Project on Smart City of MOST, China, and a Principal Investigator of the Key Project on Autonomous Driving of FDCT, Macau SAR.

Visit Dr. Xu’s webpage for more information.

Additionally, Dr. Xu introduced his work to the CoE members at the monthly CoE call, and it already sparked interest in collaboration with other academia members at the Autoware CoEs.

Arizona State University joins the Autoware Centers of Excellence network!

We welcomed Prof. Junfeng Zhao from Arizona State University as a new addition to the Autoware CoE directors. Dr. Zhao’s research interests particularly include connected and automated vehicles (CAV), CAV simulation and system integration, motion planning and controls, electrified propulsion system controls, and intelligent transportation systems.

Visit Dr. Zhao’s webpage for more information.

Another key point is that Dr. Zhao introduced the BELIV (Battery Electric & Intelligent Vehicle) lab he founded at Arizona State University. At his lab, Dr. Zhao and his team have an autonomous research vehicle, and they’ve already got to work on adapting the drive-by-wire systems for Autoware use.

Introduction to AutoDrive, a simulator for autonomous research and education

Chinmay Samak and Tanmay Samak from Clemson University presented their work on AutoDrive, a simulator for autonomous research and education. This simulator has been used for developing autonomous parking, behavioral cloning, and multi-agent planning.

At the Autoware Foundation LinkedIn feed, we mentioned their work before, but the tinkering twins continue to push the boundaries of simulation. Many academic publications and project competitions accredit their work, and they continue to improve their simulation platform.

Here are some of the must-reads regarding the AutoDrive platform:

1. Announcement of the AutoDrive platform

2. AutoDrive for F1Tenth simulator

And don’t forget to watch the AutoDrive pitch video!

Autoware has been invited to organize a track at the IEEE Serious Open Source Summit

An exciting event is coming up!

To be held on February 20-21, 2024, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, the IEEE Serious Open Source Summit brings together industry leaders, practitioners, and visionaries who are leveraging open-source technology to drive digital transformation in ClimateTech, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Finance, CivicTech, the Metaverse and other verticals.

Hosted by the IEEE Standards Association | IEEE SA, this event will showcase open source that forms the foundation of business operations, data science, AI, IT, sustainability, and IoT efforts and provide an opportunity to learn about the IEEE SA Open collaborative ecosystem designed to bridge the gap between open source communities and industry applications with a growing set of projects, standards, and initiatives.

Autoware Foundation was invited to organize a track at this wonderful event, and accordingly, we’re working on representing Autoware’s work with the motto “running a commercially successful business using open-source.” Undoubtedly, it will be interesting with invited speakers, presentations and a panel discussion.

For more information about the event, visit the event website.

Kicking off the Autonomous Logistics business case exploration work by Wharton School and the Autoware Foundation!

As mentioned earlier on our social media, The Autoware Foundation has been working with The Wharton School on several special projects (we will soon make a recap of those activities). One is the exploration of autonomous logistics business cases where the team will focus on autonomous material transportation for indoor/outdoor intralogistics in large production and manufacturing facilities.

Some of the deliverables will be

  1. Customer discovery in the US
  2. Market development and market-entry strategy
  3. Pilot customer deployments in large industrial sites.

Additionally, this activity is built on top of the good work done at the Cargo Delivery ODD times, and it clearly shows interest and a path towards commercialization of solutions built on open-source technologies.

Before closing…

Autoware Centers of Excellence network is bustling with activity, by research, development, and deployment alike!

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See you next time!