Latest News / April ‘23 / Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) joined the Autoware Foundation!

University of Waterloo

Bridging the Sim2Real gap in autonomous vehicle testing

Developing data-driven methods for enabling reliable simulation-based testing of autonomous vehicle software and training learning-based autonomy.

Yash Vardhan Pant

University of Waterloo

Center of Excellence Director

Ongoing Research

  • Adversarial reinforcement learning for augmenting AV simulators
  • Specification-guided corner case detection for defining ODD
  • Motion planning w/ complex objectives in uncertain environments

Selected Publications

  • Formal Scenario-Based Testing of Autonomous Vehicles: From Simulation to the Real World, IEEE ITSC, 2020
  • Addressing the IEEE AV test challenge with Scenic and VerifAI, IEEE AITest, 2021
  • Counterexample-Guided Synthesis of Perception Models and Control, ACC, 2021
  • Co-design of Control and Planning for Multi-rotor UAVs with Signal Temporal Logic Specifications, ACC, 2021