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University of Delaware

Real-time operation systems for autonomous vehicles

Building the tools and prototypes to support the predictability and real-time of autonomous vehicles.

Weisong Shi

University of Delaware

Center of Excellence Director

Ongoing Research

  • Understanding DNN Inference Variations in Autonomous Vehicles
  • Predictable Real-time Perception Pipeline for AV
  • AVBench: Enabling Completeness and Timeliness for AV Systems

Selected Publications

  • Oops! It’s Too Late. Your Autonomous Driving System Needs a Faster Middleware, IEEE RAL 2021
  • 4C: A Computation, Communication, and Control Co-Design Framework for CAVs, IEEE Wireless Comm. 2021
  • Prophet: Realizing a Predictable Real-time Perception Pipeline for Autonomous Vehicles, IEEE RTSS 2022