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Technical University of Munich

Simulation focused development of full stack autonomous vehicle software

Performance & sensitivity analysis of full-stack AV software and demonstration in complex real-world scenarios.

Johannes Betz

Technical University of Munich

Center of Excellence Director

Ongoing Research

  • Common perception feature space for comprehensive environment model
  • Interaction-aware prediction of vulnerable road users
  • Behaviour and ethical trajectory planning
  • Adaptive and learning MPCs

Selected Publications

  • A deep learning-based radar and camera sensor fusion architecture for object detection, IEEE SDF, 2019
  • Scenario understanding and motion prediction for autonomous vehicles-review and comparison, IEEE TITS, 2022
  • Autonomous vehicles on the edge: A survey on autonomous vehicle racing, IEEE OJITS, 2022
  • Autonomous driving ethics: From trolley problem to ethics of risk, SpringerLink, 2021
  • Weights-varying MPC for autonomous vehicle guidance: a deep reinforcement learning approach, IEEE ECC, 2021