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Nagoya University

Full-stack autonomous driving

Self-driving, driving behaviour, sensor signal processing and interaction.

Alexander Carballo

Nagoya University

Center of Excellence Director

Ongoing Research

  • Enhancing image and point cloud to remove weather noise
  • LiDAR evaluations and dataset
  • Scenario generation and scene querying
  • Detect the type/location of the risky objects in driving scenes
  • In-Vehicle VR/AR infotainment
  • Manipulation of speed perception using auditory cues

Selected Publications

  • Disentangled Bad Weather Removal GAN for Pedestrian Detection, IEEE VTC, 2022
  • Real-to-Synthetic: Generating Simulator Friendly Traffic Scenes from Graph Representation, IEEE IV, 2022
  • Auditory and Visual Warning Information Generation of the Risk Object in Driving Scenes Based on Weakly Supervised Learning, IEEE IV, 2022
  • Data-driven Risk Sensitive Control for Personalized Lane Change Maneuvers”, IEEE Access, 2022