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Czech Technical University

Optimization algorithms and real-time support for AVs

Optimization algorithms for trajectory planning and time-triggered scheduling in communications.

Zdeněk Hanzálek

Czech Technical University in Prague

Center of Excellence Director

Ongoing Research

  • Road Monitoring and Estimation with Porsche Cayenne
  • F1/10 Trajectory Planning and Following
  • UN Regulation No. 157 – Automated Lane-Keeping Systems
  • Assertive Intersection Crossing

Selected Publications

  • Car Racing Line Optimization, IROS, 2021
  • Large-Scale Periodic Scheduling in TSN, Computers & Operations Research, 2022
  • Automated Slalom with Porsche Panamera, FISITA, 2021
  • Survey on Periodic Scheduling – Hard Real-Time Systems, ACM Computing Surveys, 2021
  • Accelerated RRT* – Autonomous Parking (Best Industrial Paper Award), VEHITS, 2019
  • Multi-variant scheduling – FlexRay, IEEE Trans on Vehicular Technology, 2019