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University of Alberta

Safe Connected Autonomous Systems

Developing robust distributed estimation and control methods to enhance safety of decision making and improve reliability of the control and motion planning in connected automated driving systems; evaluations are conducted through digital twin development for shared perception, high-fidelity simulations, and experiments in real-time.

Professor Ehsan Hashemi

University of Alberta

Director of the Networked Optimization, Diagnosis, and Estimation (NODE) lab

Ongoing Research

  • Distributed fault diagnosis for AV simulators augmentation to handle adversarial images
  • Safe RL for human-ADS interaction in dynamic urban settings
  • Development of shared perception for AV simulators
  • Augmented visual-inertial navigation in highly dynamic environments.

Selected Publications

  • A Stereo Visual Odometry Framework with Augmented Perception for Dynamic Urban Environment, IEEE ITSC 2023.
  • MPC-PF: Socially and Spatially Aware Object Trajectory Prediction for Autonomous Driving Systems Using Potential Fields, IEEE ITS 2023.
  • Navigating a Mobile Robot Using Switching Distributed Sensor Networks, ECC 2023
  • Interaction-Aware Merging in Mixed Traffic with Integrated Game-theoretic Predictive Control and Inverse Differential Game, IEEE IV 2023
  • Autonomous Vehicle Kinematics and Dynamics Synthesis for Sideslip Angle Estimation Based on Consensus Kalman Filters, IEEE TCST 2022
  • A Holistic Robust Motion Control Framework For Autonomous Platooning, IEEE TVT, 2023.