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Vecow is dedicated to creating an industrial computer with time-sync platform optimized for the ADAS and autonomous drive industries. To build safety, reliability and robustness, Vecow works closely with the Autoware Foundation to deliver high-quality and high-performance computing systems for a wide scope of autonomous driving use cases.

Value Proposition

  • Leading Expertise: With years of embedded domain know-how learning from worldwide successful projects, we study, plan, design, produce and fine-tune our deliveries armed with top-tier performance and optimized user experience.
  • Compact Design: Chartered with system-oriented features, such as wide-range operating temperature, power input and small form factor, Vecow embedded computers are compact integration, and high processing capabilities, to meet the size, power constraints, and other requirements of the automotive vehicles safely and reliably.
  • Easy Customization: Seasoned Vecow Design & Manufacturing Service team offers quality and professional tailored-made service to the autonomous vehicle market with extensive work in the automotive arena.
  • Flexible Teamwork: Vecow manages the close relationships with our business partners and the Autoware Foundation to maintain our technical footprint, supplier management and new business opportunities.
  • Sync-Enhance: Hardware time synchronization and acceleration platform with multi-sensors for sensor fusion and algorithm acceleration, a comprehensive combination to fulfil the required difference in unmanned guide vehicles.

Technology Description

Vecow provides a strong foundation to build autonomous drive systems with an optimizing, consistent, flexible platform.

It simplifies the evaluation process for automobile manufacturers when determining which platform to use. It can collect, synchronize, and analyse data from various cameras, 3D LiDAR, IMU and other sensors.

Vecow’s entry-level platform is designed to collect relatively small data. Vecow provides workstation-grade capability built on powerful computing processors and supports a wide range of interfaces for real-time responsiveness. For the most compute-intensive applications, Vecow is capable of delivering real-time AI computing and video processing to the edge.

Vecow embedded systems are optimized for in-vehicle operation, supporting a wide range of input power, surge protection and ignition power control functionality. Furthermore, the system supports fanless operation across the industry’s temperature range and is EN50155 certified, with anti-shock and anti-vibration protection. To help customers successfully develop autonomous vehicles that are safe and robust, the Vecow team delivers a high level of expertise to design hardware that provides enough processing capabilities while enabling these vehicles safely and reliably.

Vecow provides a time-sync and hardware acceleration solution by using Xilinx SoC, which includes a GMSL2 camera interface, dual GNSS receiver, and Xsens 9-axis IMU, support time winding, binding and keeping feature for external sensors for sensor fusion to improve the perception, position and precision capability, and enhance the accuracy of navigation, sensor fusion.