Latest News / June ‘24 / Kudan has joined the Autoware Foundation!


TIER IV collaborates with the Autoware Foundation, pioneering advancements in autonomous driving (AD) technology. As the creator of Autoware, the world's first open-source software for autonomous driving (AD) vehicles, TIER IV is dedicated to fostering a sustainable ecosystem and enabling widespread access to AD solutions.

Value Proposition

TIER IV is at the forefront of open-source innovation, revolutionizing the world of intelligent vehicles. As the creator of Autoware, the industry’s premier open-source software for autonomous driving (AD), we empower intelligent vehicles worldwide. Our commitment to open access ensures that individuals and organizations can actively participate in and contribute to a sustainable ecosystem of AD technology. By driving open-source development, TIER IV accelerates the advancement of autonomous vehicles, shaping the future of transportation.

Technology Description

TIER IV offers tailored Autoware-based solutions for the autonomous driving (AD) market. Our Pilot.Auto implementations provide hardware and software components for various applications. Customized to meet specific requirements, they ensure optimal performance in diverse environments. Utilizing our DevOps/MLOps capabilities on the Web.Auto platform, we streamline development and verification using simulation tools, data storage, and CI/CD pipeline management. Web.Auto simplifies development and deployment in cloud-native environments and enables efficient data management from the autonomous vehicle fleet. For faster market entry, our TIER IV ADK offers an integrated sensing and computing system pre-configured with our software.

As an active member of the Autoware Foundation, we collaborate with partners to drive industry standards. With our comprehensive solutions, agility, and convenience, TIER IV empowers businesses to succeed in the autonomous vehicle market and shape the future of transportation.