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SpringCloud is to provide AI driven solution and service for "Autonomy" defined mobility. Based on camera based ADAS, now we are turning to multi sensor fusion and surround sensing technology to scale up autonomous mobility.

Value Proposition

SpringCloud was founded by ADAS experts, based on deep domain knowledge and technology, now our focus is to make “autonomy” as a center of versatile mobility. From scenario generation to validate each blocks to be “autonomy”, our efforts are dedicated to realize self driving and finding more values not just move A to B. We are currently working with OEMs, Tiered company and research institutes to support their development and also with different service providers who want to have ‘Autonomy” as their core of business.

Technology Description

Our Expertise:

  • Scenario generation, its test and validation
  • ADAS and AD Full Stack Solution + Vehicle Integration
  • SIL, SIL and VIL
  • Cloud based Fleet management and Data services