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Scalable, ROS 2- enabled simulation platforms and modules for robotics applications.

Value Proposition

Robotec provides complex support for autonomous vehicles regarding ROS2-enabled, scalable simulation solutions and Driver Monitoring Systems. Our teams manage automotive projects at every stage of development, from prototype to certified product. We create our simulations in the spirit of open-source collaboration and seek cross-industry solutions to encourage innovation. Our software engineers are committed to high-quality modern standards. Over the last few years, Robotic collaborated with numerous OEM and Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies to support the mission of creating safe, reliable autonomous vehicles with open-source solutions and the industry’s leading software tools.

Technology Description

Robotec has partnered with the Autoware Foundation to develop scalable, reliable, and accurate simulations for autonomous vehicles. Together with Tier IV, contributes to the E2E simulation platform AWSIM that the Autoware Foundation uses in testing multiple Operational Design Domain implementations. is developing a number of simulation modules that can also be used in other robotics simulation platforms. To improve the quality of LiDAR simulations, we publicly released our own open-source plugin for Gazebo Fortress – The RGL Gazebo Plugin. It provides a fast, configurable, scalable, GPU-based lidar implementation. All our projects are publicly available to encourage open-source collaboration and benefit autonomous vehicle projects.