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PIX Moving

PIX Moving is the pioneer of the world's third-generation vehicles, and PIX has been a member of AWF since 2020. PIX has developed a wide range of smart skateboard chassis platforms and complete autonomous driving robo-vehicles, which run Autoware architecture to achieve basic autonomous driving functions.

Value Proposition

PIX Moving, with the vision of rebuilding the city with autonomous mobility, commits itself to kindle the 3rd-gen automobile by revealing an unprecedented form of vehicle: Moving Space.

PIX builds Moving Space to reshape how people live, work and entertain. With a flexible architecture and modular design, Moving Space is adaptable to suit a wide range of robo-vehicle applications: unattended vending cars, mobile offices, self-driving hotels, autonomous delivery, moving karaoke, and more moving space possibilities.

Since 2017, PIX Moving has been developing and producing the smart chassis platform ultra-skateboard, based on which a wide range of different sizes of smart platforms and robo-vehicles have been created. The full range of product matrix running Autoware from the skateboard chassis to robo-vehicle Moving Space has covered most application scenarios of autonomous driving and has served AV startups, R&D institutes, universities, industry users and other technology evangelists around the globe for algorithms testing, smart car research and development, software validation, rapid autonomous vehicle prototyping, POCs as well as smart AV fleet operation. PIX Moving is proud to enrich the smart mobility ecosystem and bring Autoware to more end users around the globe.

Technology Description

Open Interface And CAN Protocols

PIX smart skateboard chassis platforms and Moving Space robo-vehicle series have open CAN protocols and rich interfaces for developers and engineers to integrate the upper layer control and algorithms to develop and achieve more advanced autonomous driving functions based on the basic architecture powered by the open source software Autoware. With an open top and modular design, PIX Moving Space and the ultra-skateboard can be adopted in different application scenarios, from autonomous delivery, smart logistics, and new retailing to education and security.

Validated Skateboard Chassis Technology

The base of Moving Space and robo-vehicle series at PIX Moving is the ultra-skateboard chassis, which is software-defined and modular to meet the changing technical iteration requirements. The ultra-skateboard and Moving Space have been adopted by users from 20+ countries around the globe, which offers the robo-vehicles a concrete technical validation and provides PIX with accumulated technical know-how in autonomous driving development.


PIX Moving has adopted a wide range of toolchains to facilitate the development of the 3rd-generation automobile – Moving Space, the new mobility carrier for the next-gen lifestyle in urban cities. The toolchains include Generative Design, AAM (Automotive Algorithms Modeling) and RMT (Real-Time Manufacturing). The toolchains driven by algorithms fundamentally reshape how smart vehicles are designed, developed and manufactured, bringing more flexibility and openness to smart vehicle development and production.