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MORAI, a leading simulation platform provider to verify autonomous vehicle safety and reliability, is collaborating with Autoware Foundation by co-chairing the simulation working group. MORAI support the integration of the simulation platform with Autoware and constructs a digital twin environment for supporting the annual road map of the Autoware Foundation.

Value Proposition

MORAI helps its customers accurately verify and validate their autonomous software and systems. With simulation, MORAI offers its clients the following three advantages:

SAFETY, by enabling tests of any edge case in complete safety

SCALABILITY, by running multiple systems in parallel to test more within a given time

EFFICIENCY, as performing tests at a much lower cost than conventional methods

Since our product, MORAI SIM: Drive, is an end-to-end simulator based on a graphic engine, it can provide a photo-realistic driving environment preferred within the Autoware Foundation ecosystem. Also, we support standardized formats such as OpenX (OpenScenario, OpenDrive, etc.) and LaneLet so that the various test case can be configured under the global standards. After testing the scenario, the result can be analysed visually and numerically.

Technology Description

MORAI’s autonomous driving simulation platform establishes a virtual environment identical to reality, digitally twinning everything from complex traffic conditions to weather and lighting changes. MORAI has diversified the application of MORAI SIM from self-driving cars to a wider range of unmanned vehicles such as aircraft, robots, vessels, and ground vehicles. It also supports precise traffic control in a digital twin-based environment to proactively prepare for the coming age of autonomous driving.

Key features:

Automated digital twin based on HD map data: A digital twin map built from HD map data bridges the gap between real-world and simulation test environments

Extracting key test scenarios from real-world test data: True-to-life test scenarios can be created from real-world data, testing various edge and corner cases.

Vehicle-in-the-Loop (VIL) testing via mixed reality technology: It supports a mixed reality testing method where virtual test scenarios are delivered to autonomous vehicles driving on real roads. This enables scenario tests that utilize the accuracy of Vehicle-in-the-Loop (VIL) systems and the safety provided by simulation.

Various types of precisely rendered vehicles and sensor modelling: Providing high-precision vehicle dynamics customization for accurate simulation of vehicle behaviour and various sensor models, including cameras, LiDAR, GPS, radar, and inertial measurement units (IMUs).

Automatic labelling of sensor data and building virtual datasets: Weather and illuminance controls and the auto-annotation function enable the automatic creation of user-specific datasets.

A distributed computing system for sensors and surrounding vehicles: Through MORAI’s own servers, distributed computing of sensors and vehicles is made possible and enables speedy simulations.


Since the above feature provided via MORAI SIM: Drive is completely compatible with Autoware, It can also encourage the customers to be in the Autoware ecosystem. Based on the various sensor configuration that the Autoware members are using, various synthetic datasets can be generated within the digital twin environment so that the customers and/or user in the Autoware ecosystem can easily configure their own use case using MORAI SIM: Drive.