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MAP IV is a Japanese start-up redefining 3D mapping, localization, sensing, and perception technologies based on multi-sensor modalities for mobility, robotics, and factory automation applications. MAP IV, a subsidiary of TIER IV, contributes to developing and improving Autoware, the world's leading open-source software project for autonomous driving.

Value Proposition

MAP IV is continuously developing solutions to three fields related to autonomous vehicle technologies:

The first field is Mapping & Localization. Under this area, MAPIV develops its 3D LiDAR mapping system, MAP IV Engine, and provides it to users such as automotive OEMs, suppliers, mapping companies, and surveying companies. MAPIV contributes and maintains multiple open-source localization projects based on various sensor modalities. These projects are integrated or in the integration process with Autoware.

The second one falls under Sensing & Perception. We develop Atomic Engine, a highly accurate, real-time 3D perception system capable of fusing LiDAR, cameras, and Radar sensors for smart infrastructure, robotics, and mobility applications. Depending on the application, our engine can work on multiple types of ECUs and embedded systems.

The third field is the cooperative development of Autonomous Vehicles platforms with TIER IV, which promotes the integration of Autoware onto various vehicle platforms, from small farming robots to large passenger buses in airports.

Technology Description

MAP IV technologies encompass accurate mapping, localization, and enhanced perception systems using state-of-the-art sensor-fusion techniques to create safer autonomous robots and smarter cities. We provide our customers with accurate, high-quality solutions for autonomous robot applications. We also offer evaluation, validation, and integration services to ensure safe deployment in the desired ODD scenario using Autoware. MAP IV has a long record of successfully integrating our technologies in deploying autonomous mobility platforms using Autoware in conjunction with automotive OEMs.