Latest News / June ‘24 / Kudan has joined the Autoware Foundation!


Global tech distributor, specializing in semiconductors, networking, and imaging solutions. Innovating for success in the dynamic digital landscape.

Value Proposition

We provide our engineering service to support your AD vehicle integration, software implementation, node development, and commissioning. As a VAD, we can also provide hardware like ECUs, HPC, cameras, LiDARs, and other required components. We are literally a one-stop distributor for Autonomous Driving.

Technology Description

We have good experience playing with Autoware through supporting many projects at government and private companies. We have adopted Autoware for our R&D platform and for the vehicle to be used for PoC and Services operating in many places. On top of this, our eco-system covers “from edge to cloud” and “from hardware to software.”, we and our partners can provide the solution for the challenges that our customers are facing.