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Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions

With the evolution of autonomous driving and electrification in the automotive industry, Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions provide a wide range of support from consulting to engineering for customers' increasingly complex and large-scale system development by utilizing the advanced technologies and methods related to CASE that we have cultivated and accumulated through system development.

Value Proposition

Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions provide a wide range of support from consulting, such as introductory education, to practical engineering, such as “introduction of systems engineering” to effectively and comprehensively solve the problems of complex and large-scale system development, and “functional safety supported development ” and “cyber security supported development ” that are indispensable for autonomous driving.

Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions will contribute to spreading safe and secure autonomous driving services by implementing autonomous driving services in each business category and cooperating in development with related companies.

Technology Description

Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions will utilize various functional safety development experiences in the automotive field to support the development of functional safety and cybersecurity based on international standards, from introduction to product development and evaluation.

In addition to complying with functional safety standards (IEC 61508, ISO26262, etc.) and SOTIF (ISO21448), we integrate cybersecurity standards (IEC62443, ISO/SAE 21434, etc.) and WP.29 to provide solutions that can integrate both safety and security.

To manage safety and security, Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions recommend using a System Model based on MBSE. System Model design can visualize the design state and maintain design consistency even if differences in the design perspectives of Safety and Security cause design omissions or rework. In addition, by combining our “OSS-based CI/CD Solution” with vulnerability assessment services, Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions support building and operating DevSecOps throughout the development lifecycle.