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Fixposition AG is a Swiss company developing high-precision global positioning solutions, combing computer vision techniques and satellite navigation to deliver accuracy in open fields and in GNSS challenging environments. The technology is a key enable for the mass-market adoption of autonomous solutions. Fixposition provides “Precise Global Positioning Everywhere ™”.

Value Proposition

1. Expand customer robots’ operation areas and venture into new business cases: Fixposition’s product offers precise global positioning in areas where it was previously not possible. For instance, with Fixposition’s technology, tractors can now have autonomous driving capabilities in orchard environments, a use case that was not feasible before.

2. Reduce customer’s cost: Fixposition’s product is a cost-effective solution compared to expensive high-end RTK-INS systems or in-house development, which can help customers reduce costs.

3. Accelerate customer’s scale up and product to market: We help customers to scale up more quickly and shorten their product-to-market time. Fixposition provides the right products for all stages of their product development, from prototyping to mass production. We take care of their localization needs, allowing them to focus on their core business and accelerate their success.

Technology Description

Fixposition is the leader in deep sensor fusion technology, combining computer vision, GNSS, IMU and other sensor data to deliver precise global positioning, orientation and velocity. We are vehicle OEMs and autonomy developer’s best partner for their localization system. Fixposition provides a full range of product matrix, from positioning sensor to System-on-Module and software stack.