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eve autonomy

eve autonomy provides autonomous cargo transport service for factories and warehouses, leveraging YAMAHA Motor’s EV and Autoware.

eve autonomy contributes to the Autoware Foundation by showcasing real-world applications for Autoware and providing insights for the community.

Value Proposition

eve autonomy’s autonomous cargo transport service enables factories and warehouses to deliver workpieces and goods inside and outside buildings.

The outside operation has been a pain point for conventional AGVs and AMRs because of the complexity, rough ground conditions and exposure to bad weather conditions.

eve auto can deliver goods from buildings to buildings in the outside environment by leveraging YAMAHA Motor’s high-quality and powerful EV together with Autoware. With no induction wires involved, the service can be easily implemented. The routes can be flexibly changed by simply amending 3D Maps, providing users with an incredibly easy experience to implement/customize the service.

Technology Description

YAMAHA Motor and TIER IV set up eve autonomy to provide commercial autonomous cargo transport services in confined areas such as factories and warehouses.

The combination of a powerful EV and the robust autonomous driving system powered by Autoware enables outdoor operations to deliver goods safely and efficiently in rough road conditions or bad weather. Users may customize ‘their eve auto’ by leveraging the vehicle-to-facility communications or API integration feature.

Because the regulations associated with autonomous driving on public roads are yet to be fully established, eve autonomy is a great showcase for Autoware’s application.

eve autonomy is looking to expand its service to the global market and seeks to partner with the Autoware Foundation members to spread Autoware to the world further.