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We are a stock-listed and independent global market leader for embedded systems and edge computing and aim to provide comprehensive technical solutions that enable functionally safe autonomous driving.

Our strengths lie particularly in the automotive segment, where we actively support and define standards such as AUTOSAR and Autoware.

Value Proposition

eSOL is a founding and premium member of the Autoware Foundation, helping to make its established customers’ Autoware-based products mass-produced and functionally safe.

As an independent global market leader for embedded systems and edge computing, eSOL aims to provide comprehensive software engineering products and service solutions for safe autonomous driving.

Technology Description

eSOL offers Autoware solutions in two different ways:

Autoware Engineering Services

eSOL’s Autoware Engineering Services team has supported Autoware’s open-source software base, ROS, for a long time in over 120 customer projects.

As a major player in automotive software, we have supported Autoware from the beginning to the latest version based on Autoware Core and Autoware Universe.

Among others, we support one of the market’s most established Autoware solution providers to offer commercial-grade solutions to end customers.

Autoware on eMCOS POSIX RTOS product

Most Autoware applications start with software development on Linux. However, for an application to be used in mass production in areas requiring functional safety, relevant functions must meet functional safety standards. This can be only realized with a safety-certified RTOS.

eSOL’s eMCOS SDK provides a high-performance, scalable POSIX Real-Time OS and Hypervisor platform. Compared to traditional RTOS technologies, eMCOS’ modern multi-kernel (aka distributed microkernels) architecture offers higher multi/manycore performance and the largest freedom from interference (FFI) for the highest functional safety. The core element of eMCOS was already pre-certified according to ISO 26262 ASIL D safety standard for automotive.

Our Autoware Engineering Services team is very familiar with eMCOS to reduce the time-to-market of your Linux Autoware port to a functionally safe, production-ready Autoware solution on eMCOS POSIX.