Latest News / June ‘24 / Kudan has joined the Autoware Foundation!


Elm is a pioneering company, bringing to life new possibilities and transforming ambitious ideas into business opportunities. In the Autonomous Mobility space, Elm aims to become a valuable member of the Autoware Foundation, 1st from Middle East, and share learnings from the deployment of autonomous vehicles under challenging environmental conditions.

Value Proposition

Being one of the leading providers of technology solutions in Saudi Arabia, we intend to increase the footprint of the Autoware Foundation by becoming the first organization that will deploy and demonstrate Autoware components/modules in the GCC region. In addition, Elm will aim to share valuable learnings from testing Autoware components/modules in challenging environmental conditions, such as sandstorms and high temperatures that are common in Saudi Arabia.

Technology Description

Based in London (UK), Elm’s Autonomous Mobility team aims to leverage the Autoware Foundation ecosystem to deliver green autonomous mobility solutions. The Elm Autonomous Mobility team brings together an international team of experts with experience in all aspects of autonomous vehicle technology development and deployment, including vehicle design, software development, simulation, testing, verification, and validation, as well as fleet operations. One of the strategic objectives of the team is to build innovative software solutions fuelled by the recent developments in Artificial Intelligence. Elm has a strong track record of publications and patents in the areas of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning, which will leverage to tackle some of the most complex technical challenges of autonomous driving, including mapping, perception, and behavior prediction and planning.