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ADLINK has created the hardware development platform for SOAFEE to develop and test vehicle functions with “mixed criticality”. The development platform leverages the software-defined approach to deliver new in-vehicle experiences and features that meet consumers’ demands and expectations, and unlock new opportunities for automakers, Tier 1s, software providers and cloud providers.

Value Proposition

ADLINK offers comprehensive coverage in the field of automotive technology, ranging from Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to Autonomous driving at various levels (L1 to L4). We have strong design capabilities backed by leading-edge, High-Performance Computing (HPC) platforms that incorporate integrated systems, ensuring power and rugged design. Our solutions also feature liquid cooling and thermal simulation for optimized performance. Moreover, we are equipped with certifications such as ISO 16750 for road vehicles’ environmental conditions, electrical testing, ISO26262 for functional safety, and ISO 7637 for Road vehicles Electrical disturbances from conduction and coupling. With a proven track record, we have successfully implemented our technology in various real-world cases, including robo-taxis, trunks, and mining vehicles.

Technology Description

ADLINK has achieved a number of success stories in the self-driving market, including robo-taxis, autonomous shuttle buses and autonomous trucks with L3 and L4 vehicle autonomy. The self-driving system of an autonomous vehicle is generally comprised of three integrated systems: (1) perception ECU-sensor fusion, (2) main ECU-AI decision-making, and (3) tracking system. The precise integration of these three systems enables the safe operation of autonomous vehicles on the road. A well-designed decision and control system for an autonomous vehicle should be able to effectively react to changes in the road environment around the vehicle to ensure that safety is always maintained. ADLINK provides professional and customized platform design services, including systems integration, thermal solution, and advanced anti-vibration design to provide worldwide customers with a complete turnkey solution.