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ADASTEC, headquartered in the USA, develops a Level-4 Automated Driving Platform named “” for commercial vehicles. The current deployments of “” are in different EU countries and in the USA. As a premium member of the Autoware Foundation, ADASTEC actively provides engineering and testing support and contributes to the Autoware project.

Value Proposition

ADASTEC’s software platform delivers the most advanced Level-4 automated driving system for full-sized public transport buses. It is designed for efficient and safe public transport operations along predefined routes on public roads. The bus handles all aspects of the automated operation through an integrated and fault-tolerant sensor set and HD-maps. The cloud-based platform supports mission control, data sharing, fleet management, and teleoperation systems.

Technology Description

ADASTEC cooperates with commercial vehicle OEMs to develop Level-4 automated commercial vehicles worldwide. ADASTEC is looking for Level-4 automated bus projects to implement Level-4 Automated Buses worldwide.