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Synkrotron joins the Autoware Foundation!

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Synkrotron joins the Autoware Foundation!

A simulation and Autoware integration expert, Synkrotron has joined the Autoware Foundation.

Synkrotron has been a valued contributor to the CARLA ecosystem for many years, and they bolstered their partnership by joining the CARLA consortium last year. Synkrotron has built a comprehensive commercial simulation toolchain based on CARLA, and they want to contribute to facilitating the integration of CARLA and Autoware.

Synchrotron has also been deploying Autoware software (Autoware.AI and Autoware Universe) extensively across a diverse range of hardware platforms, including a bespoke small-scale vehicle model and a commercially available electric vehicle. During this extensive work, Synkrotron identified and executed optimization and debugging processes within Autoware stack components. Synkrotron is committed to contributing these enhancements to the Autoware community through well-documented pull requests to the official Autoware repository.

Last but not least, Snykrotron also developed a proprietary functional module for calibration purposes, recognizing the challenges associated with vehicle dynamics calibration in deploying autonomous driving systems. Synkrotron intends to share this tool with the Autoware community, providing detailed documentation and support to ensure its successful integration and utilization.

Synkrotron plans to join the Simulation working group primarily; however, they will also collaborate with other working groups where the learnings of Synkrotron can be transferred to the Autoware developer community.

We welcome Synkrotron to the Autoware Foundation, and we are excited to work with such an experienced partner in developing and deploying solutions for autonomous technology.

Visit Synkrotron’s website 👉