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Robeff Technology joins the Autoware Foundation

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Robeff Technology joins the Autoware Foundation

Türkiye-based electric and autonomous vehicle platform maker Robeff Technology has joined the Autoware Foundation.

Robeff Technology produces platforms for last-mile delivery and factory logistics use cases, and it already uses Autoware Universe in its vehicles. They said that they are delighted to use Autoware software for their platforms. However, they also faced many challenges during the development process. These challenges intrigued the Robeff team, and they wanted to join the Autoware Foundation to help improve the Autoware software.

Robeff’s team also expressed their appreciation of the vibrant Autoware Foundation ecosystem and the collaboration opportunities it offers.

“We believe we could provide solutions to various problems of the Autoware Foundation members and find solutions for our problems by working with the members of the Autoware Foundation all around the world,” said Özkan Köroğlu, Co-Founder and General Manager of Robeff Technology.

Robeff Technology will contribute to many Autoware Working Groups since they develop end-to-end autonomous driving solutions and utilize Autoware software, making most working groups relevant to them. Robeff Technology will continuously test the upstream Autoware software on their vehicles and report any bugs, performance issues, or relevant feedback to the working groups.

Robeff Technology will work closely with the Reference Design Working Group to create reference designs for low-speed autonomous delivery vehicles and factory logistics robots.

We welcome Robeff Technology to the ranks of the Autoware Foundation and are excited to work with them.