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REKA joins the Autoware Foundation!

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REKA joins the Autoware Foundation!

An experienced Autoware integrator, REKA has joined the Autoware Foundation.

REKA has been leveraging the Autoware software to navigate Southeast Asia’s burgeoning autonomous technology landscape since 2021. As Southeast Asia recently witnessed numerous opportunities for autonomous technology implementation in various segments, including agriculture, logistics, and warehousing, REKA decided to formalize the partnership with the Autoware Foundation by becoming a member and promoting Autoware-based solutions across various sectors while also prioritizing engagement with the educational landscape.

REKA team leverages its strong expertise in end-to-end autonomous software development in autonomous mobile robots in Singapore that operate both indoors and outdoors, using customized controllers, single-board computers (SBCs), and multiple types of LiDAR sensors.

REKA proposes developing a lite version of Autoware that can be installed in SBCs such as Intel NUC, Raspberry Pi, and NVIDIA Jetson product families. This effort would also include developing lightweight algorithms for mapping, localization, and navigation and building support for 2D LiDARs, depth cameras, and stereo camera-based SLAM implementations.

Moreover, as autonomous mobile robots are expected to be orchestrated over the internet, REKA proposes to contribute to developing and/or implementing a suitable protocol for secure and low-latency communication for Autoware via a web-based application for observability and control.

REKA plans to join the Open AD Kit, API, and localization and mapping working groups.

We welcome REKA to the Autoware Foundation and are excited to work with a versatile and agile partner who can make a big impact in Southeast Asia by using Autoware software to provide solutions for autonomous technology.