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Red Hat joins the Autoware Foundation!

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Red Hat joins the Autoware Foundation!

TOKYO, June 13, 2024 — Autoware Foundation, home to Autoware, the world’s leading open source project for autonomous driving, is excited to announce that Red Hat Inc., the world’s leading provider of Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) solutions, has joined the Autoware Foundation as a member, marking a significant step towards empowering Autoware’s Open AD Kit project with Red Hat’s decades of experience in enterprise-grade open source software technologies.

Red Hat currently supports the Autoware Open AD Kit development and will continue assisting the Autoware Foundation Technical Steering Committee and the Open AD Kit working group in containerizing Autoware software to make it easier to use within SOAFEE-compatible operating environments.

Red Hat brings decades of experience in highly successful enterprise open source software, with specific expertise in containers and virtualization, CI/CD pipelines, DevOps, and cloud-based software development. Red Hat is also a leader in SOAFEE, Eclipse SDV, and functional safety systems through ELISA and ISO.

Red Hat and the Autoware Foundation collaborated on the Open AD Kit demo work at CES 2024 and continue developing it further.

We welcome Red Hat to the Autoware Foundation and are excited to work with them.

About the Autoware Foundation

The Autoware Foundation is a non-profit organization that hosts the Autoware project, the world’s leading open source software project for autonomous driving. The Autoware project is built on Robot Operating System (ROS), and through using open source, it lowers the entry barrier to autonomous driving technology and enables commercial deployment of autonomous driving in a broad range of vehicles and applications.

Autoware democratizes autonomous driving technology through open source development and is committed to creating synergies among the world’s leading technology companies, academic/non-profit organizations, and individual contributors.

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