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Open Source Robotics Alliance joins the Autoware Foundation!

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Open Source Robotics Alliance joins the Autoware Foundation!

The Open Source Robotics Alliance (OSRA) has joined the Autoware Foundation!

The Open Source Robotics Alliance is a new initiative of the OSRF (Open Source Robotics Foundation) to organize and strengthen project governance and community involvement. The OSRA is a mixed membership and meritocratic model, following other successful foundations for open-source projects. This Alliance will enable the community to participate in the technical governance of OSRF projects (ROS Project, Gazebo Project, Open-RMF Project, and Infrastructure Project), provide funding to support those projects, and contribute to growth in contributions and adoption.

The OSRF was already a member of the Autoware Foundation as an NPO member, but the parties agreed to renew their synergies by implementing a bilateral membership between the Autoware Foundation and the OSRA. The OSRF logo as an umbrella branding will remain on Autoware Foundation’s member web page, while the Autoware Foundation logo can be found on the OSRA web page as an associate member.

The Autoware project, hosted by the Autoware Foundation, is one of the largest ROS projects out there. We would like to continue engaging with the ROS community to demonstrate the power of open source and propagate the vision of collaborating and co-creating.

The Autoware Foundation is also a proud sponsor of the upcoming ROSCon 2024, held in Odense, Denmark, from October 21 to 23, 2024. Numerous Autoware Foundation members also sponsor the event, and we look forward to participating in the conversation and future-building exercises together, as open source is a big common denominator in these efforts.

We welcome the OSRA to the Autoware Foundation again, and we are excited to work with this vibrant and large community to develop tomorrow’s autonomous solutions.Visit the Open Source Robotics Alliance website 👉