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Letter from Autoware

Letter from Autoware

Dear Members and Friends of the Autoware Foundation,

As we are witnessing the unfolding of a serious pandemic of a generation, we realize that restrictions are being enforced on many of us in many ways. This has put a lot of limitations and stress on the way we work, our loved ones, and the business we are engaged in.

The Autoware Foundation is a member-funded non-profit organization, in which  people come together to develop technology that we jointly believe will become an essential part of tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles. We have also seen many autonomous vehicles being used during this outbreak in many places including hospitals and logistics, delivering resources, and offering services where it carries bigger risks for humans to do so. This further strengthened our belief in the course we are taking.

As discussed in the last TSC meeting, many of our activities are impacted and consequently delayed, including the ongoing AVP demo. We shall keep you updated closely as things develop. 

On behalf of the Board of Autoware Foundation, I would like to wish you –  members – and your families good health. Our resources are limited but if there is anything you think we can help with, as individuals or as an organization as a whole, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Best wishes,

Shinpei Kato

Chairman of the Autoware Foundation