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Kudan joins the Autoware Foundation

Author: ADMIN
Kudan joins the Autoware Foundation

A world leader in SLAM technology Kudan has joined the Autoware Foundation.

Kudan’s interest in joining the Autoware Foundation, stems from their core mission to enhance autonomous technology through their cutting-edge Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) solution. Kudan said that participation in the Autoware Foundation aligns with their strategic goals of fostering innovation in autonomous technologies and offers a platform for collaborative development with leading global entities in the automotive and robotics sectors.

Kudan team leverages its strong expertise in localization and mapping technologies, and they will contribute to the development of robust and accurate localization and mapping with advanced sensor fusion while requiring low computational resources.

Kudan plans to join the localization and mapping, sensing and perception, and simulation working groups.

We welcome Kudan to the Autoware Foundation, and we are excited to work with a world leader providing solutions for autonomous technology.