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Defaulting to Cyclone DDS on 96Boards

Defaulting to Cyclone DDS on 96Boards

This post is part of the “96Boards: Autoware Everywhere” series. We have so far outlined:

In our latest post we show how we can set up Cyclone DDS as the default implementation for our ROS2 installation in 96Boards which we will use as the DDS implementation for Autoware.Auto. The full post and steps to follow can be found here.

Eclipse Cyclone DDS

DDS is used by ROS2 as its middleware, which provides discovery, serialization and transportation. Eclipse Cyclone DDS is an open-source implementation of the OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS) specification. Eclipse Cyclone DDS is developed by ADLINK. They joined the Autoware Foundation as premium member and are also part of the ROS2 TSC. 96Boards has joined the list of Cyclone DDS adopters and as such, we have enabled Eclipse Cyclone DDS by default in our 96Boards Dockerhub ROS images and also for our latest Autoware.Auto docker image: 96boards/autoware:auto_20200501.

The full post contains detailed steps for Installing Cyclone DDS, either from the release binaries or built from source, and How to set Cyclone DDS to be the default one for ROS2 to use.