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Red Hat

Vehicle manufacturers can accelerate innovation with open source, Linux®-based technologies from Red Hat. In addition to developing an in-vehicle operating system based on Linux, Red Hat is currently working with the Autoware Foundation to develop and containerize the Autoware Open AD Kit, featured in the SOAFEE special interest group, using the Eclipse BlueChi project recently contributed by Red Hat to the Eclipse Foundation.

Value Proposition

Red Hat is able to provide Autoware RPM packages for Fedora, CentOS, and eventually RHEL for users to both build (in case they are integrating with Autoware) and run it on our platforms, including Openshift.

Openshift, CI and Containers

Build and distribute Autoware services, such as its Autonomous Driving Kit, in containers. We currently Autoware and report back in case of any issues, and contribute to fixes if possible. This allow us to provide Openshift files to run it in such, for testing purposes. We also have an AutoSD community cluster which can be used for “joint workloads” with the Autoware Foundation. Openshift can also be leveraged for “off-board” workloads such as 3d simulation, cloud integration and so on.

Local Development Tools

We have a project called “toolbox” which allows one to easily start a container based
development environment. We can provide images for developers to use in the toolbox to both develop Autoware projects or integrate their own.

Technology Description

Red Hat is currently in development on an in-vehicle operating system for automotive use. An early version is currently available, and free: the CentOS Automotive Stream Distribution or AutoSD.