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Autocrypt is an automotive cybersecurity solutions provider for the evolving transportation landscape. We specialize in development and integration of security software and solutions for in-vehicle systems, V2X communications, Plug&Charge, and mobility platforms. Autocrypt also provides consulting and testing services along with holistic solutions for UN R155/156 and ISO/SAE 21434 compliance.

Value Proposition

Autocrypt is a leading automotive cybersecurity solutions provider, committed to safeguarding the rapidly evolving transportation landscape. We believe that secure mobility is the foundation for a truly autonomous future, and our comprehensive solutions are designed to build trust and confidence in the connected and autonomous vehicle ecosystem.

Here’s how Autocrypt is shaping the future of mobility:

  • Building a Secure Foundation: We’re dedicated to safeguarding the connected vehicle ecosystem by providing comprehensive security solutions that protect against vulnerabilities and attacks.
  • Enabling a Seamless and Trusted Network: Our solutions empower the secure exchange of data between vehicles, infrastructure, and other entities, paving the way for a truly integrated and intelligent transportation system.
  • Pioneering Secure Mobility Solutions for the Future: We are at the forefront of securing emerging trends like electrification and shared mobility, ensuring a smooth transition to a more sustainable and efficient future.

Collaborating for a Safer and More Secure Future: We believe that collaboration is key to a secure mobility ecosystem. We are actively engaged in the development of global standards and best practices to ensure the safety and security of the future of transportation.

Technology Description

Autocrypt provides a comprehensive suite of automotive cybersecurity solutions designed to secure the connected and autonomous vehicle ecosystem. Our technology spans in-vehicle security, V2X communication security, and emerging solutions for electrification and shared mobility.

In-Vehicle Security

Autocrypt’s in-vehicle security solutions are built to protect against a wide range of threats, including:

  • Hardware and software vulnerabilities: We implement secure boot mechanisms and robust security modules to ensure that only authorized software can access and control vehicle systems.
  • Network attacks: We utilize intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IDPS) to monitor network traffic for suspicious activity and block malicious attacks.
  • Data breaches: We employ strong encryption techniques to safeguard sensitive vehicle data, including personal information and financial data.

V2X Communication Security

Autocrypt’s V2X solutions ensure secure and reliable communication between vehicles, infrastructure, and other entities within the mobility ecosystem. Key features include:

  • Autocrypt V2X-PKI (Public Key Infrastructure): This backend infrastructure manages the generation, distribution, and revocation of digital certificates for secure authentication and communication.
  • Autocrypt V2X-EE (End Entity): This platform is responsible for signing and authenticating messages, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of communication within the V2X network.
  • Global Standards Compliance: Autocrypt’s V2X solutions are compliant with international standards and regulations, ensuring interoperability and secure communication across different regions and systems.

Emerging Mobility Solutions

Autocrypt is actively developing solutions to address the security challenges of emerging mobility trends, including:

  • Secure Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Charging: Our solutions protect financial data and ensure secure payment transactions during V2G charging, enabling safe and reliable energy exchange between vehicles and the grid.
  • Digital Key Security: We provide secure and robust solutions for digital key applications, protecting vehicles from unauthorized access and ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.

Autocrypt’s technology is at the forefront of automotive cybersecurity, ensuring a safe, secure, and reliable future for connected and autonomous vehicles.