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Automotive Research and Testing Center (ARTC) joins Autoware Foundation

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Automotive Research and Testing Center (ARTC) joins Autoware Foundation

Taiwan’s Automotive Research and Testing Center (ARTC) has joined the Autoware Foundation.

ARTC stated that joining the Autoware Foundation can provide ARTC with various benefits that can help ARTC advance research work, build relationships with industry leaders, and promote technical solutions to large audiences. Some of the critical benefits of ARTC joining the foundation were mentioned as the following:

  • Facilitating cross-organization collaboration with other research teams in Taiwan
  • Having the opportunity to work with the Autoware Foundation to forge collaborative relationships with other members and partners
  • Gaining access to members-only meetings and annual Autoware member summits, where we can connect with worldwide leaders in autonomous driving technologies and learn about the latest trends and developments in this field

ARTC has extensive experience in perception and localization algorithms, and they stated their technical contribution plan as the following:

In scenarios with only trees along roadsides with very few specific features, the positioning technology of Lidar SLAM is constructed based on the Autoware environment to improve the divergence problem of positioning. The goal of the proposed Lidar SLAM technology will be promoted and implemented in the electric mini-buses, which will be operated in Taiwan’s national parks, scenic areas and suburbs.