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AutoCrypt joins the Autoware Foundation!

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AutoCrypt joins the Autoware Foundation!

A market leader and expert in automotive cybersecurity, AutoCrypt, has joined the Autoware Foundation.

AutoCrypt is a large organization with offices and liaisons worldwide, tackling automotive cybersecurity and safety assurance topics. Autoware, an open-source software, faced the meaningful question of handling the potential security risks when the software was deployed in a vehicle to operate in real-world conditions. Although both Autoware Foundation members and Autoware users put necessary safeguards in place to avoid any security risks, we are now taking a more proactive approach by working with both members and outside organizations to alleviate any security risks stemming from the open source methodology.

This effort nicely aligns with the motivation of our latest working group, Safety Assurance working groups, where industry experts have already started interacting with each other to undertake the existing challenges. AutoCrypt’s product suite will help us accelerate this work alongside their expert team, who can directly identify and work on resolving any outstanding issues. This is another good example of how collaboratively we can develop Autoware software and move it forward to become production-grade quality.

Later in the collaborative framework, we can envision AutoCrypt’s software modules being integrated into Autoware’s CI/CD pipeline to ensure the Autoware code built satisfies the industry requirements.

We welcome AutoCrypt to the Autoware Foundation, and we are excited to work with such an experienced partner in developing and deploying secure autonomous technology solutions.